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Welcome to the United States of Poker. We are dedicated to helping you find the best US poker sites to play at. Online poker in the US is still a vibrant industry, despite legal attempts by the US Department of Justice to curtail online betting sites. Playing online poker for real money in the US can seem daunting to some players but in reality is very simple. That is why we created, as a resource for online poker players in the US who are ready to start playing online once again. US poker players have the ability to play on at least 6 poker rooms spread across over four major and reputable online poker networks: Bovada Poker Network | Winning Poker Network | Merge Gaming Network | Revolution Gaming Network.

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How to Play Against Tight Poker Players

You are going to encounter several different kinds of players along your path of poker. Different players are going to possess different ideas of poker and different styles of playing.... more
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wsop-new-york-rangers Partners with NHL’s New York Rangers

While no longer “breaking news,” the much rumored partnership between online gaming site,, and the NHL New York Rangers was completed. Plans are to have the gaming partners produce... more
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Harvard Medical School Study Confirms that Online Poker Doesn’t Generate Addiction

Although there are some “experts” who believe that US online poker sites promote a gambling addiction, a recent study by the Harvard Medical School (HMS) refutes this perception. This research... more
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Tips for Becoming a Better Poker Player

Whether you are a first time poker player or you have been playing for years, there are always methods available for improving your skills and ability to succeed at the... more
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Poker Tips & Strategies: Bluffing Opponents

Bluffing is an intricate part of poker, regardless of the form you play or how long you have been playing. However, many individuals make the mistake of bluffing just to... more
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Online Poker Helps Young People Find Exciting Careers as Pros

The availability of online poker rooms has often been blamed for the decreased popularity of brick and mortar casinos, and the loss of jobs within those casinos. But one positive... more
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Is Online Poker Legal in the United States?

Is online poker legal in the USA? The answer is a resounding “yes”. The perception of this game is that online poker may be illegal, but this is mostly due... more
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Sheldon Adelson Enlists Former Congressman to Battle Online Gambling

Las Vegas Sands chairman Sheldon Adelson has added a soldier to his fight against online gambling. Former Republican Florida Congressman Connie Mack IV will assist Adelson supporters Senator Lindsey Graham... more
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Carbon Poker: Overview of Games and Tournaments

Carbon Poker is a great poker room to play on. The site offers a huge selection of games and generous bonuses. The software is simply awesome. Needless to say, Carbon... more

Pennsylvania politician wants to keep online gambling illegal in the state

A Monroe County Pennsylvania politician wants to not only keep online gambling illegal in the state, he wants to actually put players in jail. Representative Mario Scavello is using the... more

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