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Welcome to the United States of Poker. We are dedicated to helping you find the best US poker sites to play at. Online poker in the US is still a vibrant industry, despite legal attempts by the US Department of Justice to curtail online betting sites. Playing online poker for real money in the US can seem daunting to some players but in reality is very simple. That is why we created, as a resource for online poker players in the US who are ready to start playing online once again. US poker players have the ability to play on at least 6 poker rooms spread across over four major and reputable online poker networks: Bovada Poker Network | Winning Poker Network | Merge Gaming Network | Revolution Gaming Network.

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  • How to Properly Calculate your Bets


    When playing Poker, knowing how much to bet can be tough. Also, you want to make sure that you’re betting for the sake of meeting your goals rather than for just that of making other players lose and you want to prevent the same from happening to you. Playing Poker should be considered a means of entertainment and done in moderation rather than as an income. First and foremost, you don’t want to be making the same bets every time or it will make you too predictable and the other players will think you’re easy and take advantage of you. As ...

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  • Playing poker can relieve stress and aggressive

    A recent study shows irrefutable evidence that playing poker can relieve stress and aggression. Highly aggressive, professional Rugby players from the British rugby league took part in a medical study to access the levels of emotional stress while playing poker. The study was conducted by the University of Health & Sciences in Karnataka, Bangalore. The study reportedly shows that a friendly game of cards or more notably poker, is the best remedy to relax and decrease the high stress levels experienced by professional athletes. The quick thinking aspect of the game is one of several factors which results in a relaxing ...

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