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$60 Million Deal Negotiated At Vegas Poker Table

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$60 Million Deal Negotiated At Vegas Poker Table

According to reports from the Las Vegas Review-Journal and Kansas City Business Journal, a conversation that began at a poker table during the 2016 WSOP resulted in the purchase of a retail chain valued at $60 million.

The CEO of Vintage Stock Inc. and Jon Isaac of Live Ventures started talking business during the tournament. After some discussion and lunch after the game, Isaac was ready to purchase the movie, video game and memorabilia retail chain and its 60 stores in 7 states.

However, Vintage Stock wasn’t really on the market, but the conversation led to a deal. After the purchase, Live Ventures grew its assets to over $100 million and was concluded in November of 2016.

In a statement, Isaac told the press Vintage Stock’s CEO, Rodney Spriggs, was an excellent executive and was successful in creating a unique and profitable business model. Under his oversight, the chain has expanded systematically and grown continually.


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