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Are poker players unethical? Twitter says yes

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Are poker players unethical? Twitter says yes

A recent poll on Twitter regarding poker players and how they would react to certain scenarios provided some interesting insight into what people think of the poker community. The poll was anything but scientific and only asked a few questions, but it would appear that poker players are anything but ethical.

Patrick Leonard posed the question, “You’re playing heads up in a tournament, your opponent disconnects, what do you do and comment why if you feel strongly either way.” The two choices for responses were “Sit out and wait” and “Actively steal the blinds.” 83% of the respondents chose the latter.

Mike Matusow responded to the post and The Mouth was surprised at the results. He tweeted, “This just shows how disgraceful so many people in our poker community are. There is no way that I wouldn’t sit out to wait for person to comeback.any other decision is flat out stealing.”

Some of the comments to the poll were disappointing and show how some players would relish the opportunity to game the game. One person said, “It’s online – pillage the blinds!” Another responded, “It’s not stealing blinds. I’m maximising my hourly as there’s no guarantee my opponent even reconnects.”

The second question asked, “You find out that your favourite poker site has [a] manual error on your account where they pay extra 25% rakeback.” 56% indicated that they would “Rake as much as possible,” 32% said they would “Keep playing normally” and only 12% responded to the “Tell them” option.

Leonard also posed the question, “You are playing heads up against a player in a HUSNG [heads-up sit-and-go] and he disconnects, he’s sitting 4 other games open, do you sit those tables to steal that ev too? If you don’t somebody will, maybe he would vs you too.” 56 % of the 2,517 voters said yes, while only 44% said no.

While unethical activity can – and is – found everywhere, it’s disappointing to see that the mentality is running rampant in the poker world.


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