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Birth of a virtual poker dealer

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Birth of a virtual poker dealer

Poker dealers might need to update their resumes, just in case. A new, digital dealer has been born, and has already gone from crawling to walking. The dealer is present on Carnival cruises and could son be sitting down at poker tables in Vegas as early as next year. With the innovations in Artificial Intelligence and, now, digital dealers, the future of poker will only by limited by one’s imagination
Jackpot Digital has created an 84-inch digital touch screen that speeds up the game and removes the element of human error.

Players surround a screen as if they were at normal poker tables. The cards are dealt digitally and players can even cup and peek by moving their hands over the boards. Bets, raises, calls and checks are all handled by tapping on the table. On average, the pace of play has shown an increase from 25 hands per hour with live dealers, to around 55 hands per hour with the digital dealer.

The action doesn’t stop with poker. If a player folds during a hand, he or she can switch to other games such as blackjack or roulette. Additionally, players can place bets with sportsbooks or for horse races. If the munchies set in, the devices can be programmed to allow for ordering food and drink right to the seat.


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