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Former Card Player employee charged in $1-million theft

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Former Card Player employee charged in $1-million theft

Shelby McCann was hired in 2011 to be a financial controller for Card Player magazine. She put her own twist on the scope of her responsibilities by siphoning off over $1 million into her own accounts. Now, McCann is facing 23 counts of theft, among other charges, that could see her spend a substantial amount of time behind bars.

Prosecutors in Las Vegas accuse McCann of fraudulently writing checks to herself, paying off credit cards with company money and artificially inflating her own salary. She was hired in September 2011, about five months after US poker’s Black Friday, and soon after began her creative accounting practices. Her actions helped her and her husband Benjamin live the good life, eventually relocating to Hawaii.

McCann’s actions were uncovered after Allyn Shulman, Card Player co-owner alongside her husband Barry, began noticing irregularities in the company’s finances. She indicated, “All of the sudden there was no money to pay the bills. This made us start thinking: What the heck is going on?”

An investigation ensued and the entire plot began to unravel. Despite taking in close to $1.1 million, apparently, the wayward couple has no money. The pair, who has three children, has launched a crowdfunding page to raise $20,000 for its legal defense. It only raised $468 before running its course.


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