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Gambling addict lawyer banned from practicing law for life

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Gambling addict lawyer banned from practicing law for life

A crooked lawyer who stole thousands of pounds from clients in the UK to fund his gambling habits has now been disbarred. 35-year-old

David Nightingale was found guilty of professional misconduct and has been banned for life after stealing from his clients.

Nightingale, who was working with McAfee Solicitors, told clients facing prosecution that giving him cash would help with sentences. The attorney would offer clients help with the Sheriff in exchange for cash.

In 2014 he admitted to taking £12,000 at the Hamilton Sheriff Court to cancel a £15,000 debt he had run up as a part of his gambling addiction. Just last month, he once again appeared in court to admit to taking more money from a client by convincing the plaintiff the money would help drop the criminal charges.

After the incidents, Nightingale voluntarily withdrew himself from the Scottish roll of solicitors and now the Scottish Solicitors Discipline Tribunal has officially banned him for life from the profession. After the decision, SSDT chairman Nicholas Whyte said the Tribunal was satisfied with Nightingale’s response and demeanor during the hearing.

However, the crooked lawyer is still facing criminal charges for some of the money stolen and will be facing charges later in the month.


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