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Global Poker Index Adjusts Focus And Includes Esports Rankings

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Global Poker Index Adjusts Focus And Includes Esports Rankings

Global Poker Index leader, Alexandre Dreyfus, has announced the company will add new features to its ranking system. By adding games like Hearthstone and Dota, GPI is claiming its stake in the esports industry in its own way.

The Global Poker Index is a ranking system for live poker players, which ranks over 450,000 live tournament poker players around the world. The index is then updated on a weekly basis according to varying results.

One of the main sources of data is The Hendon Mob, the world’s biggest poker database. From there, the GPI works with 1,400 tournament organizers in 97 countries around the world and has become the primary source for player rankings.

However, the growth of esports and continuing mixing of the two disciplines has transformed the game and the company must adapt.

The new vision for GPI is to become the Gaming Player Index in order to rank players in all kinds of games and platforms.

According to Dreyfus, “We’d serve the same role across games as we have done for poker, aggregating and ranking players across games. Crunching the numbers and offering a full image of the competitive landscape in each game,”
No stranger to the game of innovation, Dreyfus recognizes the playfield is changing and the company must adapt:

“We see trends towards both from within our own audience as well as the people we interact with in gaming and in the media industry, that digital competitive gaming is growing steadily while traditional online poker is facing a continued downturn.

The newest generation of players simply don’t find online poker appealing as a product – it hasn’t changed in 15 years and from their perspective (especially when compared to real time strategy games like Hearthstone or etc.), isn’t nearly as much fun.”

By adding these new services, the company hopes to bring the esports community and online poker community closer together.

“We believe that in the long run this will help bridge player communities across games while also helping to grow the game of poker. We’ve seen so many similarities and so many converging paths between players from these communities that it’s only the natural way forward for us,” Dreyfus stated.

The company is looking to profit from the continued growth of esports and the existing poker tournament base. Now esports players can enjoy the same benefit of an official ranking system with which they can adequately understand the landscape of their preferred platform.


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