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Hard Rock Adds Multi-Tabling Innovation to New Jersey Online Gambling

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Hard Rock Adds Multi-Tabling Innovation to New Jersey Online Gambling

Hard Rock Atlantic City entered the New Jersey online casino market this week and in their typical style, they broke the industry mold and brought innovations. For the first time in New Jersey online gambling, players can play multiple slots at a time similar to the multi-tabling offered in online poker.

Leading online poker players are known to juggle multiple tables at a time, but never before has the feature been enabled for online slots players. The new feature allows players to simultaneously play up to four games on the platform at a time. These can be four slots, or a mix of video poker, blackjack, and slot machine games.

While the new feature is definitely innovative and unique to the market, it remains to be seen if it will be a hit with players. Based on market trends, it has low odds of becoming a popular way to play.

For starters, the feature is currently only available on PC. This shuts out the significant group of casual players who log in exclusively on mobile. The site is still in soft launch which means these and other features could soon arrive for users on smartphone and tablet. However, it is difficult to imagine how the multi-game feature would fit on a smartphone screen.

The other major downside for players will be how quickly they run through their bankroll – up to four times as quickly. Players who are used to playing a single game at a time could easily get carried away by the rush of stalking multiple games and lose track of their spending.


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