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Hellmuth’s latest outburst has some calling for sanctions

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Hellmuth’s latest outburst has some calling for sanctions

At least he’s consistent. Phil Hellmuth is known more for his tantrums and colorful outbursts and not his 14 WSOP bracelets. It’s because of his flair for the dramatic that he won the nickname The Poker Brat, but his latest rant during the WSOP Main Event resulted in some calling for him to be penalized.

Hellmuth got into a three-way hand with James Campbell and Alex Kuzmin when Campbell went all in with his 26,200 after Hellmuth raised to 6,000 a 3,000 bet by Kuzmin. The Poker Brat, in typical fashion, began to cry, exclaiming, “This mother f***ing guy … f***cking got away with murder all day against me. How in the f*** does this happen?”

Several players took to social media to vent their frustration over the outburst. Jared Hamby said, “The floor was there and did nothing. A lot of the anger is due to that. If Phil was at least given a penalty, it would be easier to tolerate how things went down. Mistakes happen in the moment but need to be properly dealt with.”

Hamby was joined by Poker Player Championship winner Justin Bonomo, who tweeted, “He didn’t like Camby and gave away the weakness of his hand to allow Kuzmin to call his all-in lighter than normal. This behavior is FAR beyond what is acceptable and he’s gotten enough warnings. This plays into Hellmuth’s strategy in an unfair pattern we’ve seen for years He doesn’t like aggressive players after him (especially shortstacks who can move in on him) This isn’t an isolated accident He gains a huge edge by influencing action to bust the 3rd player.”

Camby, who ended up busting out in the hand in a loss to Kuzmin, told PokerNews afterward, “I think he deserved a penalty for sure and I think only because he was Phil Helmuth he got away with it with the floor standing right behind us,” he said. “I was very upset at the time but I didn’t want to give away any information as to the strength of my hand. If I had won the hand, Phil would have got a piece of my mind. Busting the main sucks so at that point I thought it was better I left without getting into it with him when I was very upset about the situation.”

The Poker Brat eventually tried to make amends. He took to Twitter Sunday morning to apologize to Camby and to extend a peace offering. He tweeted, “@JCamby33 I lost some sleep over my outburst. I believe you lose the hand anyway, but maybe I am wrong. You handled yourself well, and played well. As a gesture of goodwill, and because I respect policeman and firefighters: I’m going to buy you into 2019 $10,000 @WSOP Main Event.”


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