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The Hendon Mob Conducted a Massive Survey of Poker Players and The Results Are In

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The Hendon Mob Conducted a Massive Survey of Poker Players and The Results Are In

Anyone who knows poker knows of the Hendon Mob. With more than three-million visitors per year, The Hendon Mob is most popular independent poker database on the internet. With so many visitors they are in a unique position to conduct massive surveys, which they have done and the results are in.

The Hendon Mob surveys were created by Mediarex Sports and Entertainment. They consisted of short form questions on all aspects of modern poker from the perspective of the players. The questions covered a variety of topics including online poker brand appeal and WSOP livestreaming.

Hopes For The Hendon Mob

A number of the questions were directly related to what users of the site would hope to get from The Hendon Mob. In other words, the survey questions were more like market research to inform the site how they could potentially expand. Still, the answers were equally revealing about the poker community.

People Trust The Hendon Mob

Of the various poker brands out there and the products they offer, more people trust The Hendon Mob and the Global Poker League. Just 10.6 percent of The Hendon Mob visitors claimed to be anything less than satisfied with the site. Just 8 percent said the two brands were not more trustworthy than other poker brands.

Stake in the Future

The results of the survey were favorable for The Hendon Mob to expand to poker staking. Half of those surveyed said they would stake a live poker player through The Hendon Mob. The site could also get into livestreaming – almost 73 percent of those surveyed said they would tune in to Hendon Mob streams.


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