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Hendon Mob to allow removal of stats

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Hendon Mob to allow removal of stats

The Hendon Mob poker database has become one of the most used tools for both players and fans to learn virtually everything about a player’s fortitude and history at the tables. The website is home to statistics about virtually every player in the world who has scored at least one cash win at a live table, listing the player’s name, location, events and earnings. The integrity of the completeness of the data is now going to be called into question, however, as the site is being forced to allow players to delete their information.

According to the recently-introduced General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) in the European Union, players can request that their accounts be removed or that they be renamed with a nickname. It’s a confusing result of the GDPR, as the information contained on Hendon Mob is already public record.

According to a representative of Hendon Mob, who participated in a thread on the subject on the 2+2 boards, “The information published on THM has already been released by a Casino or Tour in line with their own [terms & conditions], which a player agrees to by registering the tournament. Yes, GPDR has caused some changes to the way we operate, but we will continue to work hard to serve the community, to improve the product we offer to poker fans, players and media and to continue to grow our traffic year on year. We would like to thank those who support Hendon Mob by visiting the site, following us on Social Media and interacting with us via any of our sites or initiatives.”

The GDPR was implemented this past May and stipulates that European citizens can request corrections, deletions or alterations of their online data. Businesses that don’t comply can be hit with a fine of over $24 million or 4% of their global annual revenue.

The Hendon Mob, which belongs to the Global Poker Index, currently has profiles on almost 560,000 players from around the world. It also has details on 368,732 events and offers over 2.5 million results.


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