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Jason Somerville Twitches again

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Jason Somerville Twitches again

Jason Somerville is a familiar face in the poker world. Not only is a multi-million-dollar winner, but he was a notable poker streamer on Twitch for a while before he decided to take a break. While he has still been seen from time to time providing commentary on poker tournaments, he hasn’t participated in a great deal of poker action. This changed last week, however, as he made a surprise reappearance on Twitch, albeit with a couple of stumbles.

He re-entered the poker streaming scene without making a big deal out of it because he was concerned about letting viewers down if there were any technical difficulties – and there were. It seems that the man known online as “JCarver” forgot how to stream. On his first appearance back at the virtual felt, he streamed the wrong table for the first five minutes without realizing it while continuing to comment on the action. He corrected his faux pas and continued with the action – only to repeat the same mistake a few hours later.

Somerville needs to get back into streaming form, and soon. He is behind the development of the Run It Up Studio in Las Vegas, which is designed for one thing – to help other poker streamers develop their channels thanks to his expertise. He has said of the platform that he hopes it will “grow the game of poker by reaching more fans, more regularly, and with superior poker programming.” However, he would appear to be a little rusty. He’ll have plenty of practice soon, though. Somerville is participating in the World Championship of Online Poker (WCOOP), which got underway yesterday.


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