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John Hesp Fever Continues After WSOP

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John Hesp Fever Continues After WSOP

The big news out of the 2017 WSOP was Scott Blumstein’s impressive win, but it was not the only news that generated headlines. Despite not taking the first place it seems like John Hesp has captured more attention than the champion.

More often than not players failing to win the first place prize fall to the wayside and are forgotten quickly, but this was not the case with charismatic John Hesp. The flashy poker amateur was able to captivate everyone’s attention with his color-splattered blazers and over the top outfits.

The 64-year old grandfather from North of England had only played £10 games up to his performance at the main event. His stellar performance earned him a spot at the final table, but his personality and dress style got the most attention.

Hesp was able to finish 4th overall and take home $2,600,000 in cash. In addition to his earnings, he became an instant poker figure, and there seems to be no signs of Hesp mania letting down.

Final Table Results

1. $8,150,000 – Scott Blumstein
2. $4,700,000 – Dan Ott
3. $3,500,000 – Ben Pollak
4. $2,600,000 – John Hesp
5. $2,000,000 – Antoine Saout
6. $1,675,000 – Bryan Piccioli
7. $1,425,000 – Damian Salas
8. $1,200,000 – Jack Sinclair
9. $1,000,000 – Ben Lamb


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