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Kevin Hart is a Poker YouTuber in New ‘How to Play Poker’ Series

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Kevin Hart is a Poker YouTuber in New ‘How to Play Poker’ Series

Kevin Hart is here with all the most pressing lessons in poker. Lessons like “Only act when it’s your turn,” and don’t show other people your cards. These and other golden nuggets of poker knowledge can be found in his new YouTube series for newbies, “How to Play Poker.”

Hart may not have set out to become a poker YouTuber when he joined the PokerStars team, but here we are. His videos avoid traditional poker training concepts that would help players hone their skills in favor of tips targeted to beginners. It is for the newest of beginners who maybe haven’t seen a deck of cards before.

Hart’s contribution to the PokerStars School is more comical than anything, but that is no reflection of his competence at the table. Hart had to know a thing or two about the game to pull off impressive plays at the 2017 $300,000 buy-in Aria Super High Roller Bowl. Although the comedian didn’t cash in the tournament, he held his own next to experienced pros.

Hart’s teaching YouTube series follows comedic poker-related promotional videos that came out late last year. The videos featured Daniel Negreanu as the host and referee for a series of competitions between Hart and Olympic sprinter Usain Bolt.

Called GameOn Challenge, the competitions were designed to test the skills of a good poker player without using actual playing cards. In a series of “heads-up challenges” Hart and Bolt attempted to bluff one another and read each other’s tells. The videos led up to an actual poker heads-up match at the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure in January.


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