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Latest in Borgata Vs. Phil Ivey Case: Card Manufacturer Denies Wrongdoing

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Latest in Borgata Vs. Phil Ivey Case: Card Manufacturer Denies Wrongdoing

Card manufacturer Gemaco has denied any wrongdoing in the latest episode of the ongoing legal battle between the Borgata Casino in Atlantic City and professional poker player Phil Ivey. After failing to recoup the money they paid out to Ivey, the casino sought the funds from the faulty cards that allowed him to win.

The eight-deck shoe of purple Gemaco cards was integral to Ivey’s advantage during a series of baccarat sessions in 2011. Ivey and his partner Yin Sun took the Borgata for around $9.6 million, but they were only able to pull off the winning streak because the casino agreed to a particular list of special accommodations for the sessions, one of them being the use of the Gemaco decks.

This was summed up in the decision of U.S. District Court Judge Noel Hillman, who dismissed Borgata’s claims of fraud in late 2016. Hillman’s ruling stated that Borgata had entered into an agreement with Ivey and Sun that included concessions from standard baccarat, giving both parties a chance to profit at each other’s expense.

In September Borgata Filed a 34-page order attempting to pin the $9.6 million on Gemaco for the faulty cards. Gemaco contested Borgata’s claim, saying that the decks in question are used on a daily basis in casinos all around the world without issue. While Gemaco admitted the decks have asymmetrical patterns, the manufacturer noted that it is impossible to cut a perfect deck of cards.

Furthermore, Gemaco claims Borgata signed an agreement in 2011 which the manufacturer from liability in instances of gaming losses.


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