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Maryland Poker Rake Down 2.6% in May

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Maryland Poker Rake Down 2.6% in May

Maryland poker rooms took a slight dip in may, but state officials still declared the month a winner. The four poker rooms in the state raked a combined $3.66 million in May, which was 2.6 percent below what they brought in the year prior.

The Maryland Lottery and Gaming Commission posted the latest revenue figures on Wednesday. According to commission director Gordon Medecina, the month was a massive win because all six properties showed year-over-year increases in total revenue. Medecina commended state casinos for continuing to innovate and add new amenities, but what about their poker offerings?

Only four of Maryland’s six Las Vegas-style casinos have poker rooms. Of those four rooms, just two, Live Casino Maryland and MGM National Harbor, generate the majority of the revenue. The two casinos brought in $1.3 million and $1.7 million in poker rake, respectively.

Comparing the year-to-date total for this year to the same period last year, Maryland poker rooms are only down 2.2 percent. They brought in $18.59 million in the first five months of this year, compared to $19.01 million in January through May of 2017.

Gambling experts in the state say signs point to continued growth in Maryland’s gambling market, so why is poker dropping off? One theory is that poker revenue has hit a plateau. If this is the case, casinos could potentially grow their poker business with new marketing strategies.

Overall gaming revenue set a new single-month record of $156.55 million, jumping 14.7 percent over the previous record of $150.7 million this past March.


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