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Mike Sexton Predicts Metal Detectors in Casinos After Esports Shooting

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Mike Sexton Predicts Metal Detectors in Casinos After Esports Shooting

Poker Hall of Famer and renown commentator Mike Sexton believes the tragic shooting at an esports event over the weekend will have an impact on the live poker scene. Sexton predicts casinos will add metal detectors as a baseline security precaution to prevent future shootings.

Like many in the casino community, Sexton is well aware of the growing relationship between esports and casinos. Las Vegas went all in on video game tournaments over the past couple of years, including a 30,000-square-foot esports arena at Luxor on the Strip.

On Sunday, a gamer opened fire on his competitors at a Madden tournament in Jacksonville, Florida. There were three fatalities, including the shooter.

Sexton responded to the shooting with a tweet about the need for increased security, but his comments were not limited to esports venues or casinos. Sexton said metal detectors should be installed “at every school, arena, and store/building,” to prevent these senseless shootings.

In a later interview with Card Player, Sexton elaborated on the need for enhanced security at casinos. He said the possibility of a tilted poker player returning to the casino to retaliate with gunfire has always been in the back of his mind.

The possibility of a casino shooting hits close to home for many Las Vegas regulars. Less than a year ago, the Las Vegas Strip was devastated by a mass shooting. Though the shooting took place outdoors, the shooter was allegedly able to move multiple firearms past casino hotel security without ever being detected.


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