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Missouri Man Caught Using Bank Bait Bills to Buy Into Poker Game

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Missouri Man Caught Using Bank Bait Bills to Buy Into Poker Game

A Missouri man caught using bank bait bills to buy into a poker tournament is currently serving five years in prison. Timothy Karpovich reportedly told FBI agents he had to rob the bank to enter the poker tournament because he lost all his money playing poker a few days prior.

Once a regular at Harrah’s Casino Kansas City, Karpovich didn’t want to miss the chance to play in a poker tournament held at the casino in April. The only problem was his pockets were empty after losing all his money in a poker game at the same casino.

Karpovich tried his luck as a bank robber, slipping a note that read: “this is a robbery,” to a teller at KCB bank in Kansas City, Kansas. He made it out of the bank with more than $1,000 in $10s and $20s but was apparently unaware that he could still be caught for the crime.

The bank gave Karpovich counted and marked “bait bills” which were are easy to identify. When Karpovich’s face appeared on the news in surveillance footage from the bank robbery, another Harrah’s regular phoned it into the police.

Karpovich was easily found exactly where the anonymous tipster said he would be – at the Harrah’s poker table. He was up $1,052 before police arrived.

Investigators were able to positively identify the bills Karpovich used to purchase chips at the casino as the same taken from the bank and visually identify him from the surveillance footage. Karpovich was sentenced in July.


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