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Mount Airy Requests Extention in Selecting Mini-Casino Host Town

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Mount Airy Requests Extention in Selecting Mini-Casino Host Town

Finding the right town to host one of Pennsylvania’s newly-legal Category 4 mini-casinos has proven harder than state lawmakers originally expected. This week, Mount Airy Casino Resort joined Penn National in requesting more time to select their host town.

The Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board granted Mount Airy’s request for an extension. Mount Airy now has until October 12 to finalize their plans for the new casino. At least three mini-casino license holders have requested extensions.

Mount Airy won the third Category 4 license auction with a bid of $21,888,888.88. The casino committed to putting its satellite in the designated area of New Castle in Lawrence County. The location complies with one of the 15-mile radiuses set by the PGCB that were spaced apart from existing casinos.

The radius around Mount Airy’s selected host town covers nearly all of Lawrence County and part of Butler county, along with some of Beaver and Mercer County. According to local news sources in Butler County, officials from Mount Airy have inquired into the availability of a location for the casino.

However, county commissioners in Lawrence hope Mount Airy will follow through with its first selection. County chairman Dan Vogler said he remains in contact with Mount Airy and would welcome them into his community.

Mount Airy remains uncommitted to any host town. The casino reported to state regulators that they continue to work diligently, evaluating potential host towns and weighing the available options for construction. Meanwhile, Mount Airy purchased a license for online gaming.


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