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New Jersey pushing state bill for international online bet sharing

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New Jersey pushing state bill for international online bet sharing

New Jersey really wants online liquidity. In its second attempt to attract international gambling operators, NJ Senator Ray Lesniak introduced a bill that is designed to re-write current state legislation on where gambling operators have to locate their servers in the Garden State. Current legislation restricts the location to only Atlantic City, and Lesniak’s Bill will hopefully lift this restriction.

The bill, S3536, provides that the majority of online gambling revenue comes out of Europe and is growing faster than anywhere else. Changing the wording of existing legislation to allow the servers to be located outside of Atlantic City would help facilitate liquidity agreements with operators throughout Europe and, ultimately, increase state revenue. Lesniak is set to leave politics when his current term ends on January 9 of next year, so passage of the bill would need to occur prior to that date if it is to be implemented.

Online gambling in New Jersey has had a successful run so far in 2017; however, online poker has lagged. When it joined forces with Delaware and Nevada in an interstate liquidity agreement earlier this year, it took a step forward in boosting that lag. Now, Bill S3536 will help the state increase revenue even quicker, if it’s approved. Lesniak is a longtime proponent of New Jersey’s gaming efforts and was one of the driving forces that pushed Governor Chris Christie to challenge PASPA in the Supreme Court.


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