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New Poker Platform Says Social Games Can Unlock Pre-Regulated US Markets

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New Poker Platform Says Social Games Can Unlock Pre-Regulated US Markets

A new online poker platform has a plan to penetrate the United States market. Connective Games says their social gaming options are the solution to get poker brands into what they call “pre-regulated” markets like the United States.

Connective Games’ Social Gaming platform can be customized by operators to function as free-to-play, subscription, or sweepstakes. The company says their free-to-play model is legal in all US states. It functions on Desktop and mobile offering players the same game experience.

According to Connective Games CEO Serge Mukhanov, the idea behind the new Social Gaming platform is to connect their operating partners to players in unregulated markets. It provides a way for brands to engage with their market in a legal way ahead of the legalization of real-money online poker and casino games.

The platform is loaded with a range of social poker and casino products. Connective games claim to have partnered with several of the world’s largest land-based and online gambling brands. Partnering brands can offer their own leaderboards and other customizable features.

The idea that brands can begin to build an online poker following in states where real-money online gaming remains illegal is promising but unproven. According to a survey of university students in Washington State, the real-money market and social gaming market do not have a significant overlap.

The majority of university students who played poker online (69 percent) said they play real-money games. Over half of all survey respondents were unaware or uninterested if the real-money sites they played on were regulated by the state government.


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