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Nic Manion goes on shopping spree after WSOP Main Event win

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Nic Manion goes on shopping spree after WSOP Main Event win

You’re used to earning around $30,000 a year – certainly a shoestring budget in today’s economy. Out of nowhere, you finish fourth in a major poker tournament, earning over $2.8 million. What do you do with the new-found cash? If you’re Nic Manion you head to the nearest car dealership and buy a little muscle.

After Manion took fourth in the WSOP Main Event, the Detroit, MI native not-so-patiently waited for his payday. Once the WSOP wired his winnings to his account, he went out and purchased a 2019 Corvette Z06. Deciding he needed a few more wheels, he also purchased a 2018 Chevy Silverado Duramax LTZ truck. According to Chevy, the vehicles have a combined sticker price of around $126,195. Having a pickup truck means you have to pull something, so he also bought a $39,000 Cherokee Wolf Pack Hauler Trailer.

Manion told the Detroit News that his purchases weren’t selfish. He said, “We’ve always went [sic] to the [Upper Peninsula] camping and stuff,” he told The Detroit News. “And my parents can now travel and use this stuff whenever, and my sister, her husband and their 2-year-old. So, it’s not just for me, but a family investment thing.”

While his win was certainly impressive – especially considering he had only won $16,000 in tournament action prior to his big day – he doesn’t get to keep it all. He has to give Uncle Sam his cut, and also owes 50% to Jeremy Martin, who backed him during the big game. Additionally, 3.5% will go to two other minimal investors.

Regardless, it is still an incredible bank for Manion. Hopefully, he will be smart and invest a sizeable amount so he has something for the future.


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