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Online gambling site Bovada to accept variant of Bitcoin

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Online gambling site Bovada to accept variant of Bitcoin

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is set to become the de facto Bitcoin currency, as Bitcoin Classic (BTC) will stop being supported by developers. In an effort that should help to solidify Bitcoin Cash’s place in the market, online gambling operator Bovada announced that users can now use BCH to make deposits on the site.

In general, online gambling sites were the forerunners in adopting Bitcoin as an alternative to globally-accepted currencies, since it offered a reliable method to process payments. The marriage between the sites and Bitcoin helped tremendously to push Bitcoin into the limelight. As the cryptocurrency continues to evolve and improve, previous versions, like wooden nickels, are becoming obsolete. BCH offers lower transaction fees and quicker processing than did its predecessor, BTC.

BCH has a current trading volume worth over $3 billion, and its value is up 5.75%. The circulating supply of the cryptocurrency sits at 16,802,300 with a maximum supply of 21,000,000. BTC’s value has dropped to $6,727 after soaring above $7,000 in recent trading. While BTC should not be written off just yet, analysts suggest selling BTC and purchasing BCH.


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