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Online poker to be affected by November elections

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Online poker to be affected by November elections

The upcoming midterm elections next month could prove to be of great importance to the world of online poker. Several states are considering ballot issues on the subject of online gambling and, at this point, there is no decisive indication which way they will swing. One state in particular – the state where gambling began – is facing a dilemma and could see a changing of the guard that might lead to further repression of online gambling.

Nevada’s current governor, Brian Sandoval, has favored online gambling. However, he is about to be forced out by term limits. Republican candidate Adam Laxalt, the state’s Attorney General, is the Republican Party’s candidate and a strong possibility to take over the state’s government. Laxalt is a known and outspoken opponent to online gambling and has financial backing thanks to another outspoken critic, Sheldon Adelson.

It’s possible that California could see a change that would pave the way to legalized online gambling in the state. It almost made it there two years ago when online poker was close to being legalized, but a division over who could be considered as an operator caused the push to fail. The state’s current governor, Jerry Brown, can’t seek re-election and the two primary candidates, Gavin Newsom and John H. Cox, haven’t been very vocal on the subject.

Other states, such as New York, Michigan and Florida, are expected to see major political changes next month. As sports gambling is now one of the hottest subjects among lawmakers across the country, they are certainly going to be exploring the possibilities of expanding their legislations to cover online poker and, hopefully, bring back the country’s most popular card game.


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