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Opinions on NFL National Anthem Protests Divide Poker Community

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Opinions on NFL National Anthem Protests Divide Poker Community

Actor James Woods doesn’t think very highly of NFL players who take a knee during the national anthem.

The conservative and poker player thinks they’re spoiled brats. However, not everyone in the poker world, where Woods dabbles quite a bit, agrees. PokerStars face, Daniel Negreanu, an unabashed liberal, of course, disagrees.

It’s going to happen in any controversial political issue, and pro football players standing up to a president they believe is divisive and racist is a political issue. The numbers for the NFL are way down, with projected advertising losses estimated at $200 million if the trend continues. When people talk about football now, they don’t talk about week three’s Denver Broncos and Buffalo Bills fiasco that saw MVP Von Miller’s moronic fourth-quarter penalty that ended Denver’s chances of winning, or the Detroit versus Atlanta matchup that saw a referee decide the game by calling back a Detroit touchdown at the end of the game.

No, they’re talking about police brutality and racism in America when they talk about the NFL these days.

So is it any surprise that poker players are also tweeting about taking a knee in pro sports?

Poker players have never been shy about publicity and politics is invading every other past time and sport these days. Poker is no exception.


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