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Playing poker can relieve stress and aggressive

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Playing poker can relieve stress and aggressive

2012 WSOP Main Event Final TableA recent study shows irrefutable evidence that playing poker can relieve stress and aggression. Highly aggressive, professional Rugby players from the British rugby league took part in a medical study to access the levels of emotional stress while playing poker. The study was conducted by the University of Health & Sciences in Karnataka, Bangalore.

The study reportedly shows that a friendly game of cards or more notably poker, is the best remedy to relax and decrease the high stress levels experienced by professional athletes. The quick thinking aspect of the game is one of several factors which results in a relaxing state of mind. Furthermore, poker is the perfect way for pro athletes to channel their need for competitiveness and improve a players wits and reading skills.

Many famous sportsmen have been known for going into poker during and after their athletic careers, such as former international footballer Teddy Sheringham (Manchester United) and Doyle Brunson, who was slated to become a professional basketball player, until injury forced “Tex Dolly” down another career path.


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