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Poker Central documentary to showcase Negreanu, others

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Poker Central documentary to showcase Negreanu, others

Poker Central is set to run a series of documentaries surrounding some of the biggest names in the poker space. The series, entitled “INSIDERS: SUPER HIGH ROLLER BOWL 2018,” kicks off tomorrow on PokerGO and is being delivered in conjunction with CakeWorks, a digital video agency. Highlighted in the series will be some of the high-stakes regulars, including Daniel Negreanu, Seth Davies and Brandon Adams.

The series follows the players as the get ready for this year’s Super High Roller Bowl (SHRB). There are a total of seven episodes in the series, which was produced with the assistance of Emmy-winning producer Jesse Cook. Cook is responsible for the Showtime original series, “All Access.”

The episodes provider viewers with a behind-the-scenes look at how top-ranked players prepare for the elite tournament. The premiere episode will also be made available on Poker Central’s YouTube channel with subsequent episodes rolling out weekly until the conclusion of the SHRB. They will exclusively be available through PokerGO.

VP of content at Poker CEntral Sam Simmons said, “We wanted to give our fans a new perspective on poker – an inside look at the training it takes for these high STAKES players to be at the top of their game. We look forward to highlighting the intense preparation that Daniel, Brandon and Seth undergo in their own unique ways leading up to and throughout the Super High Roller Bowl.”


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