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Poker dealer and player arrested in attempted scam at casino

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Poker dealer and player arrested in attempted scam at casino

Casinos are usually pretty good at protecting themselves against cheaters and con artists. They have decades of practice and know how to spot the signs of nefarious activity. A Louisiana casino recently found itself doing a double take after a poker game ended with strange results, and almost lost tens of thousands of dollars. Before dealer and his accomplice could complete their scheme, however, an investigation got the best of them, and they were arrested by police.

The incident occurred at the Boomtown Casino in Harvey, LA last month. The dealer and his buddy concocted a well-designed plan, at least in their minds, to be able to skim some money out of the casino by rigging a poker game. The game in question had a jackpot of $166,471, and the dealer stacked the deck in a way that would guarantee a win for his accomplice. He faked shuffling the deck and proceeded to deal the cards, resulting in his partner picking up the jackpot.

Much to their chagrin, however, the casino noted some irregularities in how the game played out. After an investigation by the Louisiana State Police Bureau of Investigations Gaming Enforcement Division uncovered the scam, officials swooped in and made the arrests. The dealer was identified as Ashely Soloman, a 66-year-old dealer from Metairie. His co-conspirator was identified as 51-year-old Dale Foet of Belle Chase. Arrest warrants had been issued on February 5 and Soloman turned himself in on February 7. Foet was picked up the following day.


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