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Poker Players Alliance comes back to life, has new supporter

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Poker Players Alliance comes back to life, has new supporter

As it was practically uttering its last breath, the Poker Players Alliance (PPA) found new life. Popular streaming platform Poker Central has put its weight behind the group, which will now be known as Poker Alliance (PA). Poker Central’s Mark Brenner will lead the revived lobbying group’s activities.

The newly reinvigorated group will be a “dedicated voice for the millions of Americans who support expanding the sporting world of poker.” According to the PA’s website, “funding will come from industry participants, including Poker Central, as one of many businesses, resorts, hotels, casinos, gaming applications or platforms, etc.”

Speaking about the changes that could be seen down the road, Brenner said, “As gaming culture and the laws around it have shifted, so too has our focus. Poker players deserve to be able to play poker with confidence and safety, and we will expand the PPA’s incredible effort by strategically advocating for our members.”

The original PPA was founded in 2005 as an organization lobbying for the poker community. It spent several years helping to shape policy at the state and federal-level until its financial backing began to dwindle. The group was expected to be dissolved; however, as the PA, it will begin to reorganize itself and fight to support advancements in the industry not only in the US, but around the world.


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