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Poker players back sports betting as Poker Player Alliance chief steps down

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Poker players back sports betting as Poker Player Alliance chief steps down

The Poker Players Alliance (PPA) is a non-profit organization that represents American poker players. It was formed in 2005 and currently has almost one million members from around the country. Its principle goal is to work toward creating safe and secure places for poker players to find action, and its strong member base gives it a lot of leverage to reach that goal. The current head of the PPA is stepping down after spending more than 12 years at the helm, and the organization is now showing its support for legalized sports betting.

The PPA has testified as an expert witness in front of over 25 state and federal legislative committees exploring poker and Internet gambling. It has been an integral component of regulation drafting for poker at both the state and federal levels. It was also a leading advocate in Pennsylvania last October in the state’s debate on legalized internet gambling. The group recently submitted a survey to all of its members, looking for feedback on whether or not it should push for legislation on Capitol Hill to advocate for nationwide acceptance of legalized sports gambling. It also launched a webpage dedicated to sports betting,

John Pappas became the PPA’s chief over a decade ago. He’s stepping down due to a decline in funding, which has made the organization’s missions more difficult to support. He will officially resign at the end of February.


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