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Poker pro and lawyer settle legal dispute

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Poker pro and lawyer settle legal dispute

A legal argument that began in 2016 has now been resolved without bloodshed. Maurice Hawkins, who has won 11 WSOP gold rings, was targeted by a lawyer, Hal Lewis, in a lawsuit that claimed Hawkins hadn’t paid Lewis his fair share of a staking deal and that he was owed $23,000.

The lawsuit was filed in July of last year. Lewis claimed that Hawkins owed him the money after the two had agreed on a 50-50 split of winnings from a number of tournaments, including some at the WSOP. After Hawkins didn’t pay Lewis what he thought he was owed, the Tallahassee lawyer took to social media, calling Hawkins “an awful, awful human being.”

Lewis has now changed his tune, stating, “At the end of our [business] relationship, I thought Maurice Hawkins and I were participating in a tournament which he thought I was not staking him,” Lewis said. “There was a misunderstanding due to a number of miscommunications between us. This resulted in mistakes and errors in the accountings [sic] between us where I thought he owed me money and he thought he did not. We have resolved this amicably, and I have nothing but good things to say about him, his having made me a considerable amount of profit from the relationship we had together.”

Lewis still came out ahead – he had won over $120,000 from the $580,000-plus that Hawkins won in 2016. Hawkins is still going strong, cashing 20 times this year, including a first-place win this past May at the WSOP $2,200 NLHE High Roller tournament for $71,680.


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