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PokerStars’ ‘JokerStars’ nickname takes on a whole new meaning

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PokerStars’ ‘JokerStars’ nickname takes on a whole new meaning

It’s impossible to deny the fact that PokerStars has been able to embed itself in virtually every corner of the world. It has continued to expand where others have failed. In the midst of its expansion, however, it has tried to introduce a number of variations to a game that works just fine the way it is, all in the name of attracting new users. Its latest novel creation is just a little too weird, and strikes at the very heart of what poker is all about.

PokerStars plans on introducing a feature – in select games – that will allow players to unfold a hand. The details are still a little sketchy – no mention was made of how much it might cost, how often it could be done, etc. – but this will turn the game of poker into nothing more than a circus act and doesn’t provide anything of merit to the game. The move is nothing more than a veiled attempt at increasing the PokerStars coffers.

According to Dan Price, the company’s Ring Games Manager, “We think they provide engaging challenges and opportunities for players to test their wits in a fresh format that is new for everybody.” How exactly the ability to unfold a hand after seeing table cards tests any wits is more than a little confusing.

PokerStars has tried to implement supplemental characteristics in the past to “enhance the player experience.” Two, Showtime Hold’em and Power Up, never received the response that PokerStars management had anticipated and both were sent to the trash pile.

There have been numerous allegations in the past of players using bots, players colluding and cheating and PokerStars not paying out funds due. Perhaps the portal should concentrate its energy and resources tackling these issues, instead of trying to introduce features that do nothing to improve the game.


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