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Popular video streaming app to start selling merchandise

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Popular video streaming app to start selling merchandise

Recently Twitch announced that it would start offering apparel, glasses and other paraphernalia through Amazon. For those that aren’t familiar with Twitch, it’s a very popular streaming application that allows users to share video in real time. It has been used extensively by poker players eager to share their poker experiences live with viewers around the world. Last year, over 100 million viewers tuned in online to watch more than 800 million hours of video game and poker action. Twitch reports that it has a total of 2.2 million registered streamers.

Many poker aficionados have turned to Twitch to watch poker heavies like Jason Somerville and Jaime Staples share their talents and nuances through the platform. It has also allowed for more poker coverage than ever. All of the large poker tournament operators now stream their games on Twitch, making it easier for everyone to become a poker fan.

It remains to be seen if the app’s popularity, with Amazon’s backing, will help drive merchandising sales. Twitch had been acquired by the online shopping behemoth for an amount approaching a billion dollars and certainly wants to do everything it can to help make the investment pay off. Amazon also injected into Twitch last year, launching Twitch Prime which allows for users to receive gaming deals, Twitch experiences with no ads, as well as free monthly subscriptions.


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