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Red Dead Online Poker: Where to Play?

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Red Dead Online Poker: Where to Play?

Open Beta for Red Dead Redemption 2 online launched on November 27. Poker fans playing the game immediately realized something very exciting: all the ingredients are in the bowl for some tasty peer-to-peer online poker. The only question is where to play?

Over the past couple of days, since the online beta launched, players have been searching through the massive Wild West theme park that is Red Dead Online. They have found many things, such as where to get a haircut and how to play out a completely separate storyline, but online poker has been elusive thus far.

It seems only logical that the mini-games, especially Red Dead online poker, would be included in the game. Playing against other live players would undoubtedly be more entertaining than playing in the main game against the non-playable characters. They are so predictable players complain that the poker game is boring.

The truth is, no one actually knows if poker exists in the online version of the game. Read Dead publisher Rockstar has yet to confirm if it exists in the game already or if it will be added later after the beta phase.

So far, all the players who say they have been specifically searching for the poker mini-game in Red Dead online have come up empty-handed. There does not appear to be any icons or options for poker like are found in the main game. One thing is certain: once a player finds it a video of their discovery is sure to appear online.


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