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RIP Unfold Poker: PokerStars Kills New Game After Six-Week Run

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RIP Unfold Poker: PokerStars Kills New Game After Six-Week Run

PokerStars is not having any luck launching new products so far this year. This week, the platforms brand new game, Unfold Poker, became the third new product innovation to get tossed in the scrap heap. The platform killed the game after its six-week test run.

Unfold Poker allowed players to retrieve their mucked cards – a game mechanic PokerStars considered an innovation and claimed had never been done before. PokerStars has not revealed any numbers related to the game’s earnings or lack thereof but said the decision to scrap the game came after an internal review.

According to a statement by PokerStars Director of Poker Innovation and Operations, Severin Rassit, the Unfold Poker did not pass its first strategic review following its six-week international introduction. The game first launched in Denmark on August 1, then in the Uk and EU markets on August 2. It was never released in New Jersey.

PokerStars initially announced that Unfold would be a permanent game on the platform. Rasset chalked up its failure as part of the platform’s continued efforts to offer new promotions and formats for the variety of player tastes. He acknowledged not every new product will be successful and said they will continue monitoring player feedback for future innovations.

Other new PokerStars games that were scrapped shortly after their introduction this year were Split Hold’em and Showtime Hold’em. However, both of these products were introduced as temporary. The platform reportedly plans to introduce two more poker variants: Fusion and Six Plus Hold’em.


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