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San Greenwood, from 1 big blind to $1 million prize

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San Greenwood, from 1 big blind to $1 million prize

Sam Greenwood has had an incredible year at the felt. After winning $1.3 million at the Caribbean Poker Party festival, he has now won $1.2 million at the LIVE MILLIONS Grand Final in Barcelona. He overcame incredible odds at the Super High Roller (SHR) tournament to win first place, bouncing back from holding only one big blind in chips.

57 players had gathered around the tables for the SHR tournament, including several recognizable names such as Patrik Antonius, Keith Tilston and Joao Simao. Tilston would make it all the way to fourth place, where he was sent to the rail with $351,000. Antonius followed next, bowing out in third with a little more than $494,000.

With just 600,000 chips to his name at blinds of 250,000/500,000, Greenwood played what was probably the tightest final table game of his life. He slowly worked his way back into the running, watching as the final table shrunk. The Canadian player managed to double up several times and finally found himself facing off against Sergio Aido.

The heads-up action was slow and grueling, with neither player taking a quick lead. Eventually, however, Greenwood was able to pull out in front to retain the lead for the remainder of the showdown. In the final hand, he was awarded with a flopped two pair, A-9, which he pushed through the river. Aido wasn’t able to capitalize on his J-10 hand, and the Spanish pro was relegated to finish in second place for $741,198.


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