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Stacy Matuson Wins Grudge Match Against William Kassouf

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Stacy Matuson Wins Grudge Match Against William Kassouf

The feud between professional poker players Stacy Matuson and William Kassouf that began at last year’s World Series of Poker has finally come to an end. The two met in Rozvadov, Czech Republic for a heads-up grudge match and Matuson ended the rivalry with a glorious win.

Kassouf seemed to have a lot less to say during their grudge match than he did back at the 2016 WSOP, where he goaded Matuson by running his mouth through an entire match. His so-called “speech play” might have been interrupted by his need to focus on folding – something he did nearly every hand of the grudge match.

The talkative and colorful Kassouf showed up ready to add fuel to the feudal flames, wearing an LED visor that constantly scrolled “COCONUTS” – his catchphrase during the WSOP match last year. However, his flashy hat had little effect on Matuson, who said there was no animosity between her and her opponent.

For her own part, Matuson brought a pair of over-sized headphones, just in case. But it was luck with good hands which most likely contributed to her amicable outlook and not Kassouf’s silence. Matuson played power poker, winning the first two games to claim victory. She scored $1,000 for her win and a Grudge Match trophy.

The Grudge Match was streamed live on Twitch for an estimated 2,500 viewers. Those are not the highest numbers in streaming, but it was morning in the U.S. when the tournament took place meaning dedicated poker fans actually woke up to watch.


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