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The Dark Knight rises at the Rattlesnake Open

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The Dark Knight rises at the Rattlesnake Open

Practice makes perfect. Mike “DarkKnight17” Coombs knows this all too well, as he has repeatedly finished in second place at Global Poker (GP) tournaments. He has finally broken the spell, though, and has taken home his first title, winning the $10,000 NLHE event #12 for $3,560.

The win wasn’t easy for the Dark Knight. He held a decent chip stack against “GILFhunter2369” in the heads-up battle, but his A-10 all-in was beaten by a lowly 2 on the board that gave GILFhunter2369 a pair for his A-2 hand. Coombs was now down almost 2 to 1 before staging a comeback that gave him the win.

After securing the victory, Coombs tweeted, “It was great to get the win. This is the fourth time I’ve been heads-up for a Series Event. I was 0-3 coming into this so it was awesome to finally close one out.”

Coombs, from Tacoma, Washington, is a GP regular. He has won over $175,000 in live action and is adept at a variety of games. He often plays NLHE, but can also hold his own in Omaha, HORSE and mixed-game tournaments. At the WSOP tournament in Vegas last year, he finished fifth at the $1,500 HORSE tournament This past March, he took first place and $20,000 at the Muckleshoot Spring Classic $300 NLHE tournament in Auburn, Washington.


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