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Best US Poker Withdrawal Methods

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Best US Poker Withdrawal Methods

For US online poker rooms, a player’s withdrawal/payout period varies according to withdrawal options offered by the poker room and the waiting period tends to vary from one poker room to another. Players that reside in the US have to wait longer on average to receive their winnings than players in other countries; the best way to increase the speed of your withdrawal time is to play at poker rooms that offer the fastest payouts using the fastest payout methods.

Best Poker Room for US Players: Americas Cardroom

Because so many US poker players are searching for the best US poker site that offers fast payouts, we have decided to write this article. It is not abnormal for several poker rooms to make players wait for 30-60 days to receive payouts (or longer). As a US player, realize that each banking option offered for US players by a poker room has its own specific time frame. Let’s take a look at the following banking options and how the processing fees and time frame compare between poker rooms:

Recommended Method: Cash Outs via Debit Card

Players at Americas Cardroom have the exclusive option of cashing out via debit card. With this method, players can receive up to $10,000 per month on their debit card which only carries a $4.95/month fee to use. With this debit card, players can use it to pay for purchases or visit an ATM for instant cash.

Once players have the debit card in their possession, players will receive their funds in 2 days for no fee. You will be able to withdraw your money at any ATM by selecting the “checking” option. Players who opt in for the debit card should keep track of their monthly balances as checking the balance on the card will also cost a small fee at an ATM. Each debit card provides players the ability to check their funds balances online for free.

Withdrawal Method Poker Room Expected Waiting Period Processing Fee
Debit Card  Americas Cardroom  2 Days Free!

To a certain extent, only a few withdrawal options guarantee fast payouts and even less come with little to no cost. As a US player, when withdrawals are delayed you simply have to wait for your payout and it will be frustrating. Make sure you play at a reputable poker room to guarantee you will receive money and the poker rooms on this page are the best of the best.

Cash Outs via Courier Check

Usually, Cashouts via Courier Check is one of the slowest options to withdraw poker funds but generally cares a low processing fee. To see how long you can expect to wait for a check via courier look at the chart below:

Withdrawal Method Poker Room Waiting Period Processing Fee
Courier Check  Americas Cardroom  14-21 Days First One Free Per Month
 $60 Per Check Afterwards 
Courier Check Bovada Poker 21-30 Days First One Free Per Month
$50 Per Check Afterwards
Courier Check Carbon Poker 30-60 Days $15/check
Courier Check Lock Poker 60-120 Days $25/Check

As you can see from the table above, Americas Cardroom is the best poker room for cash outs; it has the fastest cashouts via check absolutely free and is well ahead of the other poker rooms.

Cash Outs via Western Union

Cashouts via Western Union (also called Player to Player transfer) is a banking option for US players that is available to players who have deposited via Western Union. Withdrawals are usually quite fast after they’ve finished processing with several players receiving their funds within 72 hours.

With speed comes heavy processing fees. The processing fees tend to be very high and vary from one poker room to another and can be as high as $70 per transaction or as much as 10% of your total payout. Below is a summary of cashouts via Western Union:

Withdrawal Method Poker Room Waiting Period Processing Fee
Western Union Bovada Poker 4 Days $40 (Minimum) per Withdrawal
Western Union  Americas Cardroom  4 Days  $60 (Minimum) per Withdrawal 
Western Union Carbon Poker 7-15 Days $30 per Withdrawal
Western Union Lock Poker 60-120 Days (!) 10% of Withdrawal

Cash Outs via Bank Wire

US poker cash outs via bank wire are a rarity today with only a select few poker rooms willing to process these payments. Generally speaking, bank wires are more expensive than cashouts via checks because the player not only pays the fee for the poker room, but also a fee by the receiving bank.

Withdrawal Method Poker Room Expected Waiting Period Processing Fee
Bank Wire  Bovada Poker  30 Days  $30 per Withdrawal 

Wire transfer fees via the bank can be as high as $35 per transaction, possibly more because the wire transfer is coming from outside the United States. Because of these high fees and a similar withdrawal time, US players are not recommend to cash out via bank wires. For those interested, only Bovada Poker offers bank wires at this time, as seen below.


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