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Video Poker Machines Throw City Council Through A Loop

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Video Poker Machines Throw City Council Through A Loop

Gearhart City Council will face legal action if they deny the request to put up four video poker gaming machines. Terry Lowenberg, owner of Gearhart Crossing, has been denied permitting by city officials to install the machines in his new establishment, but according to his lawyers this won’t hold.

Lowenberg’s brewpub came as a result of his previous business, a 4,100 square foot grocery store, was unable to compete with bigger chains. He requested permits to convert the establishment and they were approved. Within the plans was the installation of four video poker machines along a back wall and city council officials voted to deny the possibility.

However, the reasons given for the rejection of permits are to be contested by Lowenberg. He claims that they are biased and based on prejudice towards gambling but no real facts or laws. City officials claimed the machines would disrupt the neighborhood environment and weren’t necessary in that part of town.

At this point it is unclear whether Gearhart Crossing will install the machines and face the legal battle or avoid it altogether but owner Lowenberg’s lawyers think he has a strong case.


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