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Woman Hits $2.3M at Seminole Hard Rock Hollywood

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Woman Hits $2.3M at Seminole Hard Rock Hollywood

It’s the dream of every slot player: strike the one big payout that will completely change their life. That dream came true for a Florida woman on November 14. A regular at the Seminole Hard Rock Hollywood, she played a $3 slot machine and won $2,302,052.55.

Unlike other casinos, the Seminole honored the win and paid out. That’s right; it is entirely normal for a casino to see a seven-figure win and chalk it up to a machine malfunction, offering the winner the saddest of consolation prizes like a free steak dinner.

The woman, who requested to remain anonymous, had a hard time believing she had won, herself. The first thing she did was call her children. They couldn’t believe she had won either, saying it was probably 2.3 million credits at the casino, not dollars.

But casino officials soon confirmed, the woman had, in fact, won the “linked progressive” jackpot on the “Twin Fire Featuring Quick Hit and Hot Shot” machine. It is a progressive jackpot, meaning its regular payout is lower than standard machines, but it eventually hits one massive payout.

Additionally, the big payout is not built only on the bets made on that machine – this is the linked part – but on the bets made at several machines located at different Native American casinos. A few pennies from the play on each of the linked machines go into the big jackpot.

A spokesperson for the casino said the jackpot could not have gone to a nicer player. The casino even treated the woman and her party to dinner at Kuro after the win.


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