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WSOP player starts celebrating early, and then this happens

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WSOP player starts celebrating early, and then this happens

Don’t count your chickens before they hatch. It ain’t over ’til the fat lady sings. There are a number of phrases that we’ve all heard since we were little, and which try to get across the same point – it’s prudent to wait until the final outcome before drawing conclusions. Unfortunately for one WSOP player, he must have never been taught those phrases.

Sang Liu and Roberly Felicio were the final two in the $565 Colossus NLHE event with a massive $1 million going to the winner. They had made it to the end after withstanding a field of 13,070 players to face off for the win, and both were anxiously fighting for the top prize, with the runner-up earning a mere $500,000.

The game looked to be drawing to a close when both players were all in on a huge 61-million pot. Liu was holding J-10 off-suit against Felicio’s J-8 off-suit and a flop of J-7-3 gave both players a pair, with Liu holding the top kicker. A King on the turn seemed to give Liu the advantage, and he began dancing around the table with dollar signs in his eyes. With a single flip of the cards, however, his excitement turned to dismay as an 8 on the river gave Felicio two pair to win the hand.

The huge win for Felicio put Liu on the ropes, and the Los Vegas resident ended up losing the game 16 hands later.


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