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Is online poker faster action and less rake vs playing offline?

In brick n’ mortar casinos, players are limited to one poker table and a measly 20-35 hands an hour–online poker dwarfs that amount two-fold. Online players can multi-table large amounts of tables, increasing their win rate and rewards.

Also, when playing in a brick n’ mortar casino, players will contribute a much larger amount of rake than they would when playing online. Most land based casinos will take up to $5 out of the pot and may take extra money out for promotions, such as a bad beat jackpot. These numbers can be even higher depending on the casino.

Online casino rake is much smaller. The vast majority of online sites will not rake pots more than $3 and offer promotions such as a bonuses and rakeback, which will offset the cost of an already low rake amount.

Also, it is vital to note that players will have to tip dealers if they play live. This is an added expense which can total thousands of dollars a year, depending on how much time players spend playing. Online poker offers no such expense, due to the automated software and lack of a need for dealers.