Ohio Gambling Laws & Online Poker in Ohio

Ohio still doesn’t have any online poker legislation in place.  However, changes have been discussed and there could be something definitive within a couple of years.

Type/Code Summary
State Code Section(s) 2915; 3763; 3769-3670; 3772; 3774
Definition of Game of Chance Poker, craps, roulette, or other game in which a player gives anything of value in the hope of gain, the outcome of which is determined largely by chance, but does not include bingo.
Definition of Gambling Device A book, totalizer, or other equipment for recording bets; a ticket, token, or other device representing a chance, share, or interest in a scheme of chance or evidencing a bet; a deck of cards, dice, gaming table, roulette wheel, slot machine, or other apparatus designed for use in connection with a game of chance; any equipment, device, apparatus, or paraphernalia specially designed for gambling purposes.
Definition of Gambling Prohibited Establish, promote, or operate or knowingly engage in conduct that facilitates any game of chance conducted for profit or any scheme of chance; knowingly procure, transmit, exchange, or engage in conduct that facilitates the procurement, transmission, or exchange of information for use in establishing odds or determining winners in connection with bookmaking or with any game of chance conducted for profit or any scheme of chance; engage in betting or in playing any scheme or game of chance as a substantial source of income or livelihood.
Online Poker/Gambling There have been no solid efforts to legalize and regulate online poker or other types of internet gaming.
Live Poker Poker rooms are available in the large casinos throughout Ohio, each with cash games and tournaments.
Casinos The Casino Control Act of 2009 legalized casinos in four major cities, and the first one opened in 2012. The law also allowed racetracks to upgrade to racinos by installing video gambling machines in order to compete with the new casinos, though they do not offer table games like poker.
Sports Betting There is a bill pending in Ohio that could be constructed to legalize sports betting, but legislators have chosen not to address it yet.
DFS Ohio lawmakers legalized daily fantasy sports in late 2017.
Other Forms of Gambling Horse racing and on-track pari-mutuel betting, bingo and games of chance for charitable organizations, lottery, social gambling.

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