Michigan Gambling Laws & Online Poker in Michigan

In December 2019, Governor Gretchen Whitmer signed a package of online gambling expansion bills into law. In addition to legalizing sports betting, online casinos, and daily fantasy sports contests, these bills legalized online poker in the state.

Type/Code Summary
State Code Section(s) 432; 750.318.750.301-315
Definitions Illegal gambling: Any person or his or her agent or employee who, directly or indirectly, takes, receives, or accepts from any person any money or valuable thing with the agreement, understanding or allegation that any money or valuable thing will be paid or delivered to any person where the payment or delivery is alleged to be or will be contingent upon the result of any race, contest, or game or upon the happening of any event not known by the parties to be certain.

Winning at gambling: Any person who by playing at cards, dice, or any other game, or by betting or putting up money on cards, or by any other means or device in the nature of betting on cards, or betting of any kind, wins or obtains any sum of money or any goods, or any article of value.

Social media internet game: A game offered over the internet or on a telephone or other mobile device. The chapter does not prohibit a social media internet game from rewarding a player, as a result of chance or uncertain event, with either 1 or more free plays or an extended period of playing time.

Online Poker/Gambling The issue of legalized online poker was first introduced to lawmakers in 2016 after the Michigan Lottery authorized online lottery ticket sales. There are now bills being offered in both legislative houses to legalize online poker and casino games, and they are being combined with sports betting for consideration in late 2018.
Live Poker Some of the casinos in Michigan do have operational poker rooms with cash games and tournaments offered.
Casinos There are more than two dozen casinos throughout the state associated with federally-recognized Native American tribes. Some are card rooms or bingo and pull-tab parlors, while others are fully functional casinos with table games and slot machines.
Sports Betting There are several bills in front of the legislature in 2018 to legalize sports betting through a public vote or to allow parlay wagering. The primary proposal is being considered as a part of an omnibus bill with other forms of online gaming.
DFS A bill is open for consideration in 2018 to legalize and regulate paid-entry fantasy sports contests.
Other Forms of Gambling Recreational card games for seniors, horse racing and pari-mutuel wagering, bingo, charitable gambling, redemption games, lottery.

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