Virginia Gambling Laws & Online Poker in Virginia

Virginia still doesn’t have any online poker legislation in place.  However, changes have been discussed and there has been progress lately that could make it legal within the next couple of years.

Type/Code Summary
State Code Section(s);;
Definition of Illegal Gambling The making, placing or receipt of any bet or wager in the Commonwealth of money or other thing of value, made in exchange for a chance to win a prize, stake or other consideration or thing of value, dependent upon the result of any game, contest or any other event the outcome of which is uncertain or a matter of chance, whether such game, contest or event occurs or is to occur inside or outside the limits of the Commonwealth. This includes the purchase of a product, Internet access, or other thing, which purchase credits the purchaser with free points or other measurable units that may be risked by the purchaser for an opportunity to win additional points or other measurable units that are redeemable by the purchaser for money or redeemed by the purchaser for money, and but for the free points or other measurable units, the purchase of the product, Internet access, or other thing would be of insufficient value in and of itself to justify the purchase or is merely incidental to the chance to win money.
Definition of Gambling Device Any device, machine, paraphernalia, equipment, or other thing, including books, records and other papers, which are actually used in an illegal gambling operation or activity.
Definition of Bet  A bargain in which the parties agree that, dependent upon chance, even though accompanied by some skill, one stands to win or lose anything of value specified in the agreement.
Definition of Interstate Gambling The conduct of an enterprise for profit which engages in the purchase or sale within the Commonwealth of any interest in a lottery of another state or country whether or not such interest is an actual lottery ticket, receipt, contingent promise to pay, order to purchase, or other record of such interest.
Online Poker/Gambling Lawmakers have shown no interest in legalized online poker or gaming.
Live Poker There are no casinos or legal poker rooms in Virginia. There was an effort in 2017 to designate poker as a game of skill and allow poker games and tournaments, and it did pass the Senate but died in the House.
Casinos Virginia does not allow casinos, despite the efforts of one legislator for several years.
Sports Betting There have been no proposals to consider legalizing sports betting.
DFS Virginia became the first state to legalize daily fantasy sports contests.
Other Forms of Gambling Horse racing, off-track pari-mutuel betting, bingo and charitable gambling like raffles, lottery, games of chance in private residences.

Can Players from Virginia Play Online Poker?

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